"The Resurrection Cross" solid Sterling Silver

The Resurrection Cross tells the story of the Love and Grace of Jesus our Lord at His crucifixion. The radiance of the white center cross signifies Christ's strength, grace, and glory. The rough-finished gold cross on the right represents the thief who rebuked Christ and died a sinful life. The thief who recognized the truth and asked for Christ to remember him is personified in the smooth gold cross on the left, who at once had his sins polished away by Christ. Placed under the protection of Christ's right arm, he received the promise: the promise of Resurrection and everlasting life. Christ said 'today you shall be with Me in Paradise.' Luke 23:39-43 The Resurrection Cross is delivered in it's own individual gift box with a card that details the inspiration of it's unique design. The cross is solid Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated. The side crosses are 14k gold overlay. It comes complete with an 18 inch Sterling Silver Box Chain. The Cross measures 1 1/4 inches tall. The Risen Cross comes in a beautiful gift box and has an insert card that shares the Devine Inspiration of this lovely cross. All deigns are copyrighted by Michael Letney 2006.

"The Resurrection Cross" solid Sterling Silver
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