"The Promise" Sterling Silver Pendant (small)

This pendant design reminds us that God resurrected Christ from the grave and bestowed Him with the power to overcome Death. The large jagged stone was rolled in front of Christ's tomb to secure His death. From within the tomb, the cross punch through the stone fulfilling the scriptures and revealing God's prophesied strength and divine power. The events at the tomb remove all doubt and substantiate the truth of God's word. This is His promise - the Promise of everlasting life to those who accept and follow Him. " The Promise” Pendant comes in a beautiful gift box and has an insert card that shares the Devine Inspiration of this lovely cross. The Sterling Disc measures 1 inch across and is on an adjustable Leather Cord.
Example Picture 2 - This sculpture arrives beautifully packaged and complete with information of the artist's inspiration, packaged ready to ship.
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